Mittwoch, 22. April 2009

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First so-called "autonomous distributive" A.I. First instance programmed by Leo Thorvaldsson, 2068, on an armageddon cluster of Sony® PSB XXX. 

Hottest Tag: "Rule of good Dave"
In some countries, where industrialisation is still developing, DAVE has extended it´s reach to the local farmers by providing electric farming and processing facilities. Perceived by many non-techs as some new deity, DAVE has installed multiple "monasteries", a combination of school, factory and workshop. For full integration|<|dave.|>| 
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W000t!zap, sacker?
gudstuf, d.
D tha connex?
Pub. Fk it. Tleast not open, fk.
BS, d. Got some deep sht wired in th dave thr.
K, d. But fking slooooooow. Fking BT woulda been fasta.
Fk that AEa-tak. Gud connex is gud gonnex- no prob, k?
Na, fk tiping. dunt do dat. Nt skool, k? 10 mins, betta connex. Mine this time.
K, c ya.
A.E. Alpha - Agression Evasion Alpha, Policy adapted first by DC |<|edit aborted|>|
|<|Don´t post your id in pub, dude. D-|>|

"This, esteemed Gentlemen, is all we know at the moment. That´s all we got out of the tap installed on the pubstream. And even this insignficant snippet was using enc, not very hard, though. Our tap was subsequently posted, and achieved a 90% recognition rate in under 30 seconds. Our best and latest masking efforts thwarted by some kids PD. I will of course not say that having a controlled system is inherently... flawed. It´s just that these IDs out there are fucking good at davin`, and our engineers just can´t produce stuff that ..
Sorry, as the councils operating system I have to remind you to use proper or abbreviated grammar at all times in public disc.
Pardon my expression there. Don´t we have any programmers who are capable of something like that? Or are their daves simply too advanced?
|<|bananaboat bananaboat bananaboat bananaboat {Spam. Abbreviated} |>|

What now. 

Yeah, well, we got the read-out. Let´s get on with it, send sniffers, ID checkers, recently reassigned IDs and any potential rotaters. 

Fk that. We ain´t the pigs here. Don´t wanna start that local.

Yeah, then, let´s get cloudy, shall we?

K, but fk tha vic-speak, L33ts g3t cl00000udy!w000T!
WT indeed.

paranoia post:
 - reported TAP. (4 hours ago)
 TR: Non-Griefer.
Eliminate potential connex.
Have a nice day! Dave.
/append -ppid
/pwd? ************************
/kf? d/bda.kf

He. Pigs report. Good for Karma.

Ya, that´ll get some chicks our way.

And pervs too. Fk.

Hey, ur perv too, right? Ha!

Fk u. Fk ur tiny little homophobe @ss.

Ach, get lickin´, batty.

Reli bastard. Cya in a min, goin to the shitter.

Fk ya later then, creep.

Fascist Nazi Werewolf Whore.

Pig prickin hillbilly babyfker.

Britney Spears!


|<| Your PP append gained 4,5% adaption as non-crit, secondary|>|

Secondary? Wtf? That shit is funny! Fk, lets just spam-post it on all pubstreams.
Ya, that´s more like it. 
The New York Times, weekly top,  [cyberterror] [events] [entertainment]
Cyberterrorists get more hits than Porn for 10 minutes!
Many of this great nations porn providers where astonished to see a video of an exasperated policeman being reprimanded rise higher than porn, holding the position for 10 minutes. |click here| owner and philanthropist Lloyd MacDowwell commented:
"Damn free-wanking kids. I´d fukin shoot them and their daves. That´s what our president should do!" 

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